Animal Lovers League


Their forlorn and despondent state became our inspiration to better their lives. Our rescued animals, over 500 cats and dogs, became our charges to stay. Animal Lovers League, currently a registered no-kill shelter, became official in 2002 to legitimately garner sufficient support in our quest to control the stray population by sterilisation and not annihilation. 

As one of the largest and longest serving animal welfare group in Singapore, ALL constantly needs the support of the public to help keep the charity running and continue caring for the animals. Some of the ways members of the public can help include, giving monetary contributions and monthly pledges, donating food for the cats and dogs and taking care of the animals.

Everyday, we hear pleas to save or rescue a life. We however, persist in rehoming and sheltering all those who seek refuge with us though the journey is a challenging and onerous one. We advocate adoption over buying.

Please stay with Animal Lovers League, walk with us, feel with us and continue to support so that we can continue helping our shelter creatures as well as our over 500 stray dogs and cats. These are daunting numbers, but we continue to strive for the sake of our animals, giving each and every one of them a voice.



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