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Tengah was found with herniated intestines in the thickets of Sungei Tengah just fifteen days after birth. Wet, covered with fleas, dust, dirt and with eyes barely open, he was a sorry sight. Too frail for surgery, he was tenderly nursed for weeks until delicate surgery corrected his condition. This is Tengah now, full of life!


Sweetie was born as a stray pup at a construction site. Born without an anus and unable to poo, it was uncertain whether this sweet girl would be able to see her first birthday. Thanks to your love and support, she underwent reconstructive surgery and was saved in the nick of time. Today, she’s a bundle of joy!

Captain Hook

Rescued on 14 November 2016


This puppy was found in the bushes in Coney island today with his front left leg severed and brought to us. He is around two month's old. We have stabilized his condition and he is eating and drinking. 'Captain Hook' (as we have named him), needs veterinary attention. Please help us share this message to gather donations for Captain Hook's medical care.

Thank you very much,
Cathy & Mohan

Update (2 December 2016)

Dear ALL Supporters,

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our appeal to save our little Captain Hook, a non-pedigree at that too. It just goes to show there are more animal lovers here in Singapore than meets the eye.

Captain Hook is doing well; eating well and running around the clinic on his three legs. His wound has not completely healed. Active though he may be; his blood perimeters are still not within the normal range.
Please remember Captain Hook in your prayers.

Todate you have collectively given him a total sum of $17k for his treatment.
This, dear Supporters, is ALL's signature... to give the injured, the sick, the abused, the blind, the crippled, the homeless a 2nd chance at life. And we would not have been able to do just that if not for your continued support, especially for Captain Hook.

A big THANK YOU also to Dr Ng and his Team. Captain Hook has already gotten them hooked and we know for this reason alone, he and his team will spare no efforts to seeing Captain Hook pull through his ordeal.

On behalf of Captain Hook "THANK YOU!"

Cathy & Mohan
Animal Lovers League


Update (8 January 2017)

Guess who this is?!*

You got it, folks....none other than our hero, Captain Hook.

His sweet smile still warms the hearts of many who visited him. None the worse for the trauma and pain he lived through. We betcha our little hero has already forgotten and forgiven whatever or whoever chomped off his little baby leg. Do believe that one leg less will never stop this champion making the best of his life.

We thank each and everyone who had walked with him through his journey to a full recovery.

Cathy & Mohan

Midnight Puppy Rescue at Lorong Halus