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Sponsorship Process

Sponsorship Packages

For a low sum monthly, the ALL Sponsorship Package enables you to provide your Fur Friend at ALL an easier and better life.

You may sponsor a cat for $60/month or a dog at $130/month.

Entitling you visits to your chosen Fur Friend on a weekly basis, this Package is especially good for those who are unable to adopt a Fur Friend but are still looking to help.

It also makes for good gifts for friends and family, celebrating the importance of all forms of life on this Earth.


Find Yourself A Fur Friend

They say there are many fish in the sea, but so are there right at our shelter at The Animal Lodge (Block Q)! Visit us and find that special friend of yours to sponsor!

You may also view some of our Furries up for Sponsorship below.


Make Payment

At $100 per month, our Sponsorship Packages go a long way to helping care for your new Fur Friend.
You may choose your mode of payment by clicking the button below.

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Submit Sponsorship Details

Once you've made your Payment for the Sponsorship Package, 
drop us an email at general@animalloversleague.com or WhatsApp us at +65 9154 6422.

Please include the following information in your email/ message:
- Name
- Contact Number
- Name of Sponsored Animal
- Email
- Transaction Receipt/ Screenshot of Payment Details


Come Visit Your New Fur Friend

Drop by our shelter at The Animal Lodge (Block Q) to play and interact with your new Fur Friend.

We thank you for your generous contribution to help our little Furries lead a better life - one without fear of going hungry or not being looked after.

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Furries Looking for Sponsors